Alessi Personal Fitness

The Process

Step One: Initial Consultation

Dr. Alessi evaluates your health history, goals (weight loss, fat reduction and strength), nutrition and percentage of body fat to determine your exercise prescription.

Step Two: Skeletal System Alignment

Your muscular and skeletal systems are assessed and your workout program is designed to re–align your body. This will reduce the affects of age related joint and muscle pain.

Step Three: Metabolic Fingerprint

Alessi Fitness uses the most advanced metabolic testing procedure (indirect calorimetry) to measure your metabolism. Like a fingerprint, everyone's metabolism is different. Accurate assessment of each individual’s metabolism is a must to determine how many calories your body uses in a day. This is the only way an accurate nutritional program can be designed.

Step Four: Nutrition

Dr. Alessi designs a customized nutritional program for each client based upon their needs and goals.

Step Five: Workout

Once your individualized workout plan is designed, you will workout in our new, private training facility under the direct instruction of an experience certified personal trainer.

Step Six: Testing

Your progress will continuously be measured and re–assess. You will be provided with feedback (charts, graphs and pictures) of your results.